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The trip continues

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"Oh, hell," thought Fillibuster the Piñata the weasel, and pooped. It took so much concentration to do so while flying at lightspeed through space, that she stopped panicking just long enough to realize she had scuba diving gear in her hand. Which was very, er, convenient and handy considering that there is no oxygen in space and all. She had neither the time nor the multi-tasking skill to wonder why it was there. Instead, after putting on the gear, she did a spastic little move for no apparent reason. Her trajectory changed ever so slightly...

All of a sudden a giant Willie Nelson poster was right in front of her. She didn't know who Willie Nelson was and in any case the poster was so big that she had no idea it was a person. From where she was it looked like a big crazy galaxy. That is, until she slammed into it and lost consciousness.

When she woke up she was laying on a very, very, very, very soft and thick mattress. There was something that looked like a small part of a flying car next to her. She looked around her and saw a group of three baffled boys. One of them picked up the car part and stared at it. Another, slightly taller one, grabbed it out of his hand.

"Hey, give it back, Billy!" the first one squealed.
"Naw Jack we gotta get outta hur. I'm 'una show Pop."
Jack acquiesced, and went for Fillibuster. Billy smacked him on the hand and said, "Jack it could be dirty. Wait til we get Pop back here, then he'll say if it's okay."
The four boys turned and started running for home.

Fillibuster the Piñata looked around her. Everything around her looked so strange...

(Uhhh, hi! Is it my turn? :] Let's go again!)
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