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lsd_weasel's Journal

A funnel cake, an unfornate weasel, and a backpack
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So this community is for telling stories. It is open membership, selected posting, so let someone know if you want posting access.

There will be one story at a time. Additions to the story should be made with consecutive posts. Try to take turns and not write enormous amounts.

Also, actually use that thing they call grammar, and punctuation and that good stuff.. Ignore the total lack of it in the first post... That was back in the day (last week?) when we still used AIM for this business. This profile subject to change without warning. Let that be a metaphor for life. Or something like that.
acid, acid trips, appearing, backpacks, beige broccolli, captains, cloud wars, clouds, czars, decapitation, disappearing, forests, funnel cakes, funnel clouds, glass muskets, golden pantaloons, hair, hallucination, hating hair, kings, knives, lakes, lsd, pirates, queens, razors, reappearing, russian detectives, shaving, stories, story, story telling, stuff, swirling, taking turns, taking turns telling stories, telling stories, tzars, weasels, weirdness, zombies, zombies are weird